The welfare of our customers is the first priority of everyone at The Ocean Spell and of our local partners, most of which are small family-run companies. As much as we understand and share the concerns of our customers, we also have a commitment to our team and our local partners and the small communities that tourism benefits as they have been disproportionately impacted by recent events. In this respect, we hope that you, our valued customers, will keep travelling, even if that means postponing your plans. In this respect we have tried to apply some of the most flexible policies in the surf travel industry, with transferable deposits, travel vouchers and no change fees to move to another date (subject to conditions, see details below).

We have always designed our holidays in a responsible way that gives back to local people and gives you a more rewarding experience. Being committed to making tourism a more caring industry, we would like to thank you for your continued support.


As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt around the world, here’s what you should know as a member of our The Ocean Spell family: we have brought all TOS groups and families traveling internationally home.  We have also helped many stranded travellers and surfers return to their homes, collaborating with airlines and embassies. We have postponed all the trips scheduled to depart in 2020, till we have news that it is safe and permitted to travel. We are currently not selling any trips, till we know it is safe to travel.

This is a difficult situation for everyone, but the health and safety of our travelers and staff is our top priority. We thank you for your patience in these unprecedented times. Please know that we’re here to support you, and, even though travel feels uncertain right now, we look forward to working together to ensure that surfing the world remains a possibility.


In the mean time we are committed to encourage, once it is safe and permitted to travel, to travel nationally in the country where you live, to help the economy and well being of the local communities. 

Given this unprecedented situation, we have some exceptions to our General Terms and Conditions. These changes now provide enhanced options for groups and individuals.

We have encountered with a complicated situation, as each country has its own rules & terms, plus each accommodation/ venue/ boat has its own terms and conditions. 

Remember we are a duly licensed and registered Tour Operator and Tour Agent, EU license No. C.I.AN-297089-2, bonded by mandatory Public/Product Liability Insurance (also known as Tour Operator insurance) issued by AONS. 

Boat Trips: Non-Refundable 

Boat trips have a very strict General Cancellation Policy with no refunds. For the Covid19 Crisis, boats are offering free change of date up to 2022. 

Boat trips for private groups: will have free change of date (rescheduling) till end of 2022. 

Boat trips for open groups: a travel voucher for each individual will be offered to join the rescheduled trip or on a different trip (subject to possible price difference, depending on destination, duration, etc). 


Refundable Trips

We can only refund when the provider (venue, accommodation) refunds The Ocean Spell. This is very rare, some resorts or hotels do have a refundable policy due to COVID-19. Please check with us. 

If you are entitled to a refund, please note that there may be some fees (including international transfer fees) and the money reimbursed will be what the provider reimburses us, which will be what initially was transferred. Note our bank account receives your transfers in Euros, we will reimburse the amount received in the account´s currency (€), minus any transfer fees which will be charged on your side, if your account is not an European account. You should expect to receive your refund approximately 6-8 weeks after it is approved. 


1. I was supposed to travel in the next few weeks on an open coaching boat trip, but our trip was postponed. What happens now?

To make the process as easy as possible, all individuals that were scheduled to travel in March, April, or May of this year will  have an electronic Future Travel Voucher for the full amount they paid (including all non-refundable payments), which is valid to use through December 31, 2021. 

You can take advantage of the following options:

  • Join your same trip on the new rescheduled date (we will know dates as soon as we know it is permitted and safe to travel)

    • If you choose to simply move the existing trip to a new date, there is nothing you need to do, just confirm us with an email  We will then book you on the new date and apply your voucher. This will allow everyone in your group to rebook to the new date easily. To better support you, we have made the decision to honor your current trip price for any rescheduled date through 2021, so there will be no additional costs to move the trip (please note this will applied for same destination, duration of the trip and same services and conditions as the original trip).

  • Choose a new trip and new date

    • If you decide to choose a new itinerary to travel on at a later date, we will simply book you on the new trip and apply your voucher (note any price differences may occur)​

      • There is no need to make any decisions now, as your voucher is valid through December 31, 2021 (and you can apply to extend the voucher till end of 2022 with clear justifications of why the trip could not be done in 2021).

2. What is a Travel Voucher?

As an additional measure in response to the COVID-19 situation, we have amended the terms with our Future Travel Vouchers for all travelers who were scheduled to travel in 2020. A Future Travel Voucher is issued electronically in the amount of all monies paid to The Ocean Spell. Future Travel Vouchers may be used toward a travel program with a variety of The Ocean Spell products. Future Travel Vouchers may be resold and are transferable to immediate family members and to friends or people you know. Your Future Travel Voucher is valid through December 31, 2021—so you do not need to make any decisions on how to use it at this time. If you can't travel in 2021, the voucher can be extended to end of 2022.  



a) How much will my Future Travel Voucher be worth?

A Future Travel Voucher protects your full investment. The amount you will receive is equivalent to 100% of everything you paid to The Ocean Spell for your original trip, even including any non-refundable payments you made.

b) If my same trip has been rescheduled do I need to do anything with my voucher?

If you are planning on going on your newly scheduled trip you do not need to do anything, just send us an email to . We will automatically enroll you on that tour and apply your Future Travel Voucher towards the cost of the new tour.

c) What can my voucher be used for?

A Future Travel Voucher is your ticket to a new adventure with The Ocean Spell. Depending on your surf level and availability, your voucher can be redeemed toward an experience on any of The Ocean Spell products.

d) What if I enroll on a new tour and need to cancel in the future?

We’ll make sure you’re covered on the off chance that happens. If you enroll on a new trip using your Future Travel Voucher and end up needing to cancel, you will have the credit on a voucher, as long you cancel at least 110 days before your new departure date. We highly recommend you to buy a travel insurance plan with cancellation covers. We will reschedule the dates once we know we are safe and allowed to travel.

e) How long is my voucher good for?

Your Future Travel Voucher is valid through December 31, 2021. That means you have up until that time to complete your travel, if that is not possible due to reasonable reasons, you can apply for an extension of the voucher to end of 2022.

f) What if I transfer or sell my voucher to someone else?

You can absolutely do that. Many travelers have recouped their full investment by transferring or selling their voucher to someone in their family or community who’s planning to travel. Please keep in mind when you transfer the Future Travel Voucher to a new participant, that the refund value of the voucher remains the same. Please notify before doing so to The Ocean Spell on so we can confirm and change the details on the voucher.

g) How do I redeem my Future Travel Voucher for travel or for the refund option?

To redeem your voucher for one of The Ocean Spell trips simply send us an email to

3. The country where my holiday takes place has lifted the travel restrictions and lockdowns, but the authorities of my country of origin are still advising against all but essential travel abroad.

When organising our trips we strictly follow the official advice by the authorities of the respective country where the trip takes place. If we are able to organise the trip as scheduled, any changes or cancellations by you will be treated as per our standard Booking Conditions. If any official restrictions are imposed, Force Majeure will apply, whereby we regret we cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation for an event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. We can, however, offer you flexible options to move your booking as detailed above. You might also be entitled to insurance coverage – please consult your travel insurance provider. We highly recommend you to buy insurance coverage including cancellation regarding COVID-19 (i.e., if you are sick just before of the trip and cannot travel, if the country you are traveling to puts restrictions to travellers of your country)

4. If I cannot follow my initial travel plans due to the COVID-19 outbreak, am I entitled to compensation?

In this case, you won’t be entitled to any compensation by us, as the reason for the trip not continuing is outside the control of the travel agency. We can, however, offer you flexible options to move your booking as detailed above. You might also be entitled to insurance coverage – please consult your travel insurance provider.

5. Do I need travel insurance?

You must always ensure that you have adequate travel insurance for your trip. It is mandatory to join any of The Ocean Spell trips.  You should check the wording of your policy, to ensure it covers all the activities and eventualities of the trip that you are taking part in. You must be covered for Medical Expenses and Medical Emergency Repatriation in the event of illness or injury (including the deterioration of known medical conditions). We also highly recommend that you include a CFAR (‘Cancel for Any Reason’) coverage. 

If you haven’t already arranged cover, or you have concerns about your existing policy, our recommended travel insurance providers offer travel insurance specifically designed to cover travel. Of course, you are free to choose another travel insurance provider. Should you have an existing travel insurance policy, please take a few moments to ensure it is up to date, and the cover is adequate for your chosen destination and activity. Many travel insurance policies do not provide cover for some of the activities offered as part of your surf trip, so read carefully the small print.

Last update: 28th March, 2020

Information about the processing of your personal data

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